Traveler Information Suite

ICX offers a complete suite of Software Modules for a Traveler Information Program.  Together, they are a reflection of the collective experience ICX has in delivering traveler information.  The core modules are highlighted below. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a demonstration of our products.


A core component of our Software Suite is our Data Fusion module. This module ingests all the data inputs and fuses them, creating a relational composite of a region's traffic conditions.

We have a established processes in capturing State and Local Government content; weather conditions from the National Weather Service, 3rd Party traffic data providers as well as data garnered from our end users.

Through our geo-spatial algorithms and templating engine, this data is transformed into information that is shared through all available dissemination channels.

Event Management

Our Event Management Module provides our clients with a single interface to create and manage traffic content. 

With a few keystrokes, events can be created and managed.  We offer a graphical, map-based interface as well as a text, form-based interface.

With our template engine, events are distributed automatically, to a wide spectrum of delivery channels like social media and broadcast radio.


ICX offers a responsive platform for browser-based end-user access, providing flexibility for our end users in how they access our traffic information.

Our web platform is standards-based and designed to integrate with our Data Fusion and Event Management modules and other standards-based data providers. 


As part of our offering, we tie directly into Social Media channels.  By using our Traveler Information Suite, our clients are provided a single source of truth. Our clients do not need to worry about maintaining multiple dissemination channels.


Our Traveler Information platform offers a subscription service for end users to get what information how and when they they want it:

  • Congestion Alerts
  • Route conditions (Incidents, Construction, weather alerts)
  • via SMS
  • via Email
  • via Dial-out