PLANNING & Engineering

ICX's multi-disciplinary staff provides expertise to take projects from concept to operation.  We assist agencies from the development of strategic transportation technology plans to providing support in the design, deployment, integration, and operation of multi-modal ITS systems. 

Related Services:

  • ITS Architecture Planning
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP) & Adaptive Signal Control Design
  • ITS Systems Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering & 0perations
  • Communications Design
  • Work Zone Traffic Management


City of Seattle - Technical Support

Provided design oversight, developed functional requirements, and provided a long term strategic plan for the city’s technology program.  

New Mexico - On Call Tech Support

Provided NMDOT engineering support for Intelligent Transportation Systems planning, design, implementation and operations.

Statewide & Regional Architectures

Provided regional ITS Architectures and implementation plans for Hawaii based agencies.